Play with Me QAL: Checkerboard

Finally here it is! It's the first block of the fun QAL Play with Me!

If you didn't hear about the QAL before, please visit the Play with Me QAL page
This is a wonderful Skill Builder, because every month I will be featuring a different technique and we will have step by step instructions to walk you through the entire process, from cut to finishing.

Visit the QAL page to find all the quilt layout, all the future boards and rules to participate.
I recommend you to subscribe to the QAL announcements via email, so you don't miss out on future posts! You find the subscription form on the same QAL page.

Now let's get down to some details.

This month game board is the Checkerboard, 
and the skill used to make it is Bargello!

Yes, I know that this simple design could be easily achieved by using 4-patches, but traditional piecing will be featured in a future board/tutorial, so even if it could be used here as well, just give Bargello a try!!

You can make the board with just two colors, or you could make it more scrappy like I did!

Remember that the pattern for the Checkerboard is shared for free via email.
If you subscribed for the updates, you already got it!
If you didn't, please send me an email at tweloq(at)gmail(dot)com. I will send you the pattern and add to the list of subscribers.
To get the next pattern for free you need to share a picture of the current month block.
For the full list of rules and explanation on how/where to share your projects, please refer to the post listing all the QAL rules!

Next week I will feature the link party where you can link up your boards.
The following week I will give you some quilting ideas for the board, and the week after that we are going to work on Checker's game pieces!

So are you excited about this QAL?
I surely am!! Grab my button and share the love (button on the side bar)!
The more people join in, the more fun it will be!!

Until next week,
Happy Stitching!!

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


  1. I just found our site via Seams To Be Sew. I love your concept for a BOM project and can't wait to get started.

    1. I am happy to hear that! Since you didn't left any contact information, I cannot get back to you directly, but I hope you received the pattern and that you will share the progress with the group soon! I cannot wait to see all your wonderful creations! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your feedback!!

  2. Bargello's are fun to make, great skill to start with. So, where is the pattern?

    1. As I wrote in the post, the pattern is shared via email to the people subscribed to the event (form in the QAL page). I sent you the email with the pattern, but make sure to subscribe if you want to receive reminders and other updates!

    2. I am subscribed--sent an email to you.

    3. I sent you an email one hour ago with the PDF pattern attached.
      Did you receive just the email with no attachment? That is weird and may be related to your mailing service. Maybe you can send me another email address to send it to.
      I also reply to you via email directly but I write here because maybe my emails get lost somehow :)

  3. I joined the site but I missed the first pattern. Would you send me a copy.

  4. I joined the site but didn´t rcv your e-mail with the first pattern. Could you please send it to me... or Thanks :)

  5. I would like to participate in this challenge.
    How do I get the Checkerboard.
    Meu email contact is:
    Renate, Brazil

  6. I found you through, and am looking forward to making the different board game blocks. I have already requested to be on your email list. Can't wait to get started

    1. Welcome Nelda!
      Unfortunately you are a no-reply blogger so your email is not visible and I cannot answer you directly. I hope you received the pattern already. If not you need to send me a direct email at tweloq(at) gmail (dot) com.
      I hope we are going to have fun in this QAL for the next several months!! :)

    2. I sent you an email with my address

    3. I just replied and sent you the pattern :) hope to see your creation soon!! :)

  7. I would like to join. This looks like fun. I am at Jmikebalou@(aol)dot(com)

  8. I don't remember getting an email with the pattern, so I resent my info....

  9. I would love to join. Can you email the pattern? I'll try to get it finished before the next one. I'm signed up for the emails.

  10. I would love to get the patterns for the game boards. Is it to late to sign up?

    1. Hello, the QAL ended 2 years ago but all the patterns are available in my shop. Please contact me directly via email at tweloq (at) gmail (dot) com if you want more information because you are a no-reply blogger so I don't have your contact information!


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