Play with Me QAL: Checkerboard, quilting ideas

Let's play with quilting on our checkerboard!!

If you didn't hear about the QAL before, please visit the Play with Me QAL page
This is a wonderful Skill Builder, because every month I will be featuring a different technique and we will have step by step instructions to walk you through the entire process, from cut to finishing.

Visit the QAL page to find all the quilt layout, all the future boards and rules to participate.
I recommend you to subscribe to the QAL announcements via email, so you don't miss out on future posts! You find the subscription form on the same QAL page.

Please read carefully these two warnings, as I am struggling with several people not following these rules. I don't want anyone to be disappointed, but I make rules to be fair and to keep myself sane as managing a group with about 300 people is not so easy!

* as I mentioned before, the emails with the pattern come directly from me. This means that if you subscribed to the event after I sent out the pattern (Jan 4th) it is YOUR responsibility to send me an email and ask for the pattern. The pattern won't magically appear in your inbox. You can also comment on my blog and by leaving me your email I will get back to you within 24 hours.

* as mentioned several times before, if you post your picture on FB, your blog, Instagram, FlickR or anywhere on the web, I cannot count that as entry for giveaway or to send you the next pattern, because I cannot hunt down your email address!!! YOU have to either add your link to the linky, or YOU have to send me a direct email with the picture and you need to give me permission to post it in our linky. The LINK PARTY is the ONLY place where I draw winners from and where I get emails for future patterns. I can help you with that (I did it already for several people, it takes me about 15 seconds to do it) but YOU have to send me an email for that.

Now... let's get back to today's post and let's talk about quilting!

Remember that the pattern for the Checkerboard is shared for free, in January, via email
If you subscribed for the updates, you already got it!
If you didn't, please send me an email at tweloq(at)gmail(dot)com.
I will send you the pattern and add to the list of subscribers.
To get the next pattern for free you need to share a picture of the current month block.
For full rules and explanation on how/where to share your projects, please refer to the post listing all the QAL rules!

Next week I will give you some ideas on how to build your own checkers pieces, so you can start using the board to play!

So are you excited about this QAL?
I surely am!! Grab my button and share the love (button on the side bar)!
The more people join in, the more fun it will be!!

I am adding the linky to every post so it's easy to find. It's the same linky in every page!

Until next week,
Happy Stitching!!

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


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