Play with Me QAL: project reveal

Welcome to the big reveal of the project we are going to be working on for the first 9 months of 2016!

This is a wonderful Skill Builder, because every month I will be featuring a different technique and we will have step by step instructions to walk you through the entire process, from cut to finishing!

Each month will feature a different board game, but all the boards will have the same size so it will be easy to rearrange them in a different quilt layout, if you feel like it!

Each board can also be finished as a separate place mat or a roll up travel set with a zipper pouch to hold the game pieces or tableware!

This is a great gift idea for yourself, your kids, your nephews or your grandkids!
How much fun time could everyone have playing these classic games??
And remember: this is just a 9 months project... if you follow along you will have a Xmas present ready way before the holidays :)

And do you want to know when each game will be revealed?
Download this handy QAL planner with all the dates and some spaces for you to take notes of your progress.


Next week I will share more details about the linky, groups and other fun places to cheer each other along and inspire one another.

Until then,
Happy Stitching!!

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


  1. I love this idea because it is not only different but versatile. And you are really putting a lot of effort into it from the looks of things.

    Just wondering if you will either provide how-to's for the games or links to sites to tell us how to play them. I have a backgammon set but have never played it because I never learned how. lol And I don't recognize some of the other games.

    I'm looking forward to this. I just hope I can keep up.

    1. Yes! I will provide links and instructions on how to play all the games!
      Honestly I didn't even hear of some of those games myself either ;)
      Since I wanted this to be a Skill Builder with all kinds of techniques, I had to find games that uses unusual shapes for game boards (like English paper piecing, or curved piecing or embroidery).
      It was not easy to find them, but it will be fun to learn how to play new games, while you practice a sewing technique, right?

      Hope that many will join and play along with me!!

  2. I'll definitely be playing along.. this is a really cool idea Alida.. :)

  3. Just found your site, and am looking where to sign up, and I can't find it. This would be such a cool quilt for my grandson and/or granddaughter! Can you direct me to the sign-up spot? Thanks!!

    1. Unfortunately you are a no-reply blogger so I cannot send you the pattern. Please send me an email at tweloq(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you the pattern and information about the QAL!


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