Play with Me QAL: let's talk about fabric!

Welcome to another teaser post for the fun QAL Play with Me!
Next week the QuiltALong is going to actually begin! I am sooooooo excited!!

But today let's talk about fabric!!

Given the wide variety of techniques and designs, it is impossible for me to give you precise fabric requirements for this quilt!
Each pattern will contain the amount and colors required for each board, together with the fabric for the sashing and the backing (if you want to follow the Quilt-As-You-Go approach, as I will).

However I can give you some general suggestions on fabric choices:
- if you want to use the same fabric as sashing between all the boards, 3 yards should be enough 
- if you want to use the same fabric as backing for all the boards, 4.5 yards should be enough

But what about the boards?

This is a tough question :) I think you need to understand what you like.
For example, I want my quilt to be super extra scrappy! 
So I will grab whatever I need from my stash, and that's it! 

But if you want to have a more coherent look, despite each board having a different number of colors and style, the perfect solution is a Fat Quarter Bundle!

A FQ bundle and a Jelly Roll, would probably be enough to make all your boards. 
They will look all different but perfectly coordinated!

Do you want some ideas on fun colorful choices?

How about these?

Aren't those super yummy fabric? I like prints, but there is a great selection of solids where they come from, which is the great Fat Quarter Shop!

They are going to sponsor the Play with Me QAL!!!!
Isn't this exciting??!?!?! We are going to have giveaways for people that participate, so that's another reason to join the fun!! More details on this next month!

Next week I will share the first pattern!
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Until then,
Happy Stitching!!

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


  1. will a beginner quilter be able to keep up?

    1. Hi Ina! Your email didn't come up with the comment, so I cannot reply to you directly :)
      I consider myself a beginner quilter, so I am pretty confident that anyone can do it!
      All blocks are relatively small and I don't focus on precision, matching points, accuracy, etc. It's a skill builder, so every block is different and even if you end up disliking one of the techniques it shouldn't take too much time or effort to complete the block and move on to the next one!
      So the short answer is: YES, anyone would be able to keep up and have fun with it!!

  2. Alida,

    I finished the board part of the first block, but now am wondering how the sashing will go around the different boards. Do you happen to have a diagram we can see? I might want to do a zig zag of different colors in the quilt...


    1. Hi June! I replied to you via email! :)
      But to let everyone know, I will make the diagram with the boards and sashing instructions soon. However for the linky and to get the next pattern, you need only the board ready (the squares) so you can postpone this step until you have a clear idea on what to do with the boards!


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