Starry Bright Sky Sundays (10): the RULES!

In early August, I announced the Starry Bright Sky QAL and many people subscribed to the mailing list and they seem to be excited about this event!!

Even if the QAL will start in 2018, I decided to start a series of posts (one every 2 weeks, on Sunday) to reveal bits and pieces of the events, so that I can get your feedback and we can get more excited about it!!

I will announce sponsors, featured techniques, color scheme options, layouts, and much much more! There are several special things that I've never seen in other QALs before so I hope you will find them intriguing, inspiring and a learning experience!!

I am working on different layouts, different colorways, sponsors and giveaways, etc. It is going to be extra fun!

If you are interested in learning more about this QAL and join the fun, leave your email address in the Google Form in the QAL page at this link.

In previous weeks I shared:
  1. the inspiration
  2. the sewing techniques that will be used
  3. the reveal of the 11 blocks layout
  4. the fun FREE side event
  5. ideas for color combinations
  6. let's talk fabric...
  7. prep and think!
  8. preview the blocks in fabric
  9. our sponsors

And now, for today's post...

Let me share the rules and a personal interview!

I already shared this information last year for my 2017 QAL, so if you participated, the rules are the same :)

If you are new here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ the entire post...
My QALs do not follow the usual practice of other people's free events... 
The rules are simple, but please read them! :)

RULES: yes, I know, these are the least fun part of the QAL, but we need rules, so please read them carefully! If you have questions you can always comment on a post and if you leave your contact I will get back to you with an answer!! :)

  1. I will share one pattern a month for 11 months, each pattern will contain multiple blocks with the same sewing technique;
  2. Each pattern will be shared for free to people that follow along: this means that if you don't make ONE block from the pattern of the current month, you won't receive the next month pattern for free.
  3. All patterns will be available for sale in my shop for a small fee (less than a Tall Chestnut Praline Latte :) ).
  4. Late comers are welcome, but they will have to purchase any patterns they have missed. Late comers will have to email me to get their first pattern (the current month one) for free. 
  5. Please do not distribute my patterns without written consent.
  6. Each block/pattern will feature a different technique (foundation paper piecing, english paper piecing, applique, ...) and the patterns come with step by step tutorials on how to make the each block.

Each week I will share tips and ideas on how to sash the entire quilt, links and inspirations on other people that use the technique to make beautiful quilts, and much more. These posts will be shared here on this blog and will remain free forever.

So, the main rule for the QAL is that you need to share a picture of one of the blocks before the next month pattern is released. The picture should be shared by 11:59 pm EST the day before the next month patterns goes live (for the specific dates, please refer to the QAL schedule shared in previous posts).
Note that you won't have to complete any sashing or anything else except one version of one of the blocks: the blocks are fairly easy so it's not that hard to follow along, I promise!

But where can you share your wonderful and inspiring blocks?

A picture of the completed block can be shared in any of the following places:
  • (preferred) I host a link party here! I have a blog post dedicated to the link party with instructions on how link either blog posts, FB pictures or Instagram pictures!
  • send me a picture directly via email (my email is in all my patterns)
  • post a picture in the AlidaTweloqDesigns FB group
  • post a picture in the FlickR group

If you only post your block on our FB group or on Flickr, you NEED to send me an email notification about the submission, because I need your email address to send you the next month pattern. While I can get that information automatically from the link party, I cannot have that from FB or Flickr. It is YOUR responsibility to reach out to me, as I cannot hunt down your email address.

I am only human! :)
At any point during the QAL, if you feel that you should have got the pattern but I didn't send it to you, just send me an email and remind me where you shared your block. I will do my best to keep track of who is sharing what, but I am only human, so please be patient!

At this link you can find a self-interview post where I explain why I set up these rules the way I set them up. Before complaining about the way the QAL is hosted, please read the interview, so you can understand my motivations!

Remember to join the mailing list in the Google Form if you don't want to miss out on future posts!

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


  1. Hi Alida! Thanks for the info...excited to participate!!!

  2. I learned a lot in the last QAL so even though I way over extended (quilt wise) I'll play along this time too!

  3. I just signed up for the 2018 BOM. I wanted to make sure I got this month's BOM, is there anything special that I need to do. I apologize if you see multiple comments from me, my computer was behaving strangely. I look forward to participating in the 2018 BOM

    1. Hi Sandy, unfortunately you are a no-reply blogger so I cannot reach out directly to you. Some new people recently joined the mailing list, and I sent them the pattern as pdf. If you are between them and you received it great! If you didn't receive it, please contact me directly at tweloq(at)gmail(dot)com and we can figure this out!!

  4. If it's possible, I want to join you for this QAL.... I LOVE stars!!!!
    thank you....

    1. Unfortunately you are a no-reply blogger so I cannot send you the pattern because I don't know your email address. Please contact me at tweloq(at)gmail(dot)com


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