Starry Bright Sky Sundays (4): the fun FREE side event!

In early August, I announced the Starry Bright Sky QAL and many people subscribed to the mailing list and they seem to be excited about this event!!

Even if the QAL will start in 2018, I decided to start a series of posts (one every 2 weeks, on Sunday) to reveal bits and pieces of the events, so that I can get your feedback and we can get more excited about it!!

I will announce sponsors, featured techniques, color scheme options, layouts, and much much more! There are several special things that I've never seen in other QALs before so I hope you will find them intriguing, inspiring and a learning experience!!

I am working on different layouts, different colorways, sponsors and giveaways, etc. It is going to be extra fun!

If you are interested in learning more about this QAL and join the fun, leave your email address in the Google Form in the QAL page at this link.

In previous weeks I shared:
  1. the inspiration
  2. the sewing techniques that will be used
  3. the reveal of the 11 blocks layout

And now, for today's post...

The fun FREE side event!
Why a side event?

Because just sharing blocks for a quilt is not enough for me! 
I want more fun, I want to share more things with you, I want to inspire and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone!!

So the side event will be a collection of TEXTURED blocks!
I will personally use these four-patch textured blocks as "sashing" for my main QAL blocks.
I will make a big 72'' x 84'' quilt, with 21 blocks for the QAL and 21 textured blocks.

As mentioned before, I want this quilt to be inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night, and his paintings have such a rich textured elements that make them interesting and 3D, so I want to get this effect on my quilt!!

If you don't want to make so many textured blocks, I would still encourage to try few of them!
You can use them as label, or to make matching pillows or table runners... the options are endless!!

Are you worried that you never tried TEXTURED blocks and this is going to be too difficult??!!
Well, join me in this journey, as I PERSONALLY NEVER TRIED THIS EITHER :)

I found this amazing artist (Teresa @ SewnUp)
and she shares video and step-by-step tutorials with so many different fabric manipulation blocks!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will link and use her tutorials, but I will also come up with my own measures to accomodate the final 12'' four-patch block.
Every month I will share my own tips and measurements to make the specific design of the month.
I have been talking to Teresa, and she is ok with me sharing my own measurements and comments.
I am sure she will be happy to answer our questions, if we find any issue in this journey of experimenting with fabric manipulation!!

These are the specific textures that we are going to explore over the months:
  1. Twisted pleats
  2. Faux cathedral window variation
  3. Windmill cathedral window
  4. centered tucks with bow ties
  5. Gathered strip
  6. Cross pin tucks
  7. Praire points pinwheel
  8. Star gathering
  9. Diamond smocking
  10. Lozenge smocking
  11. Echidna block

So are you excited?
Have you ever tried fabric manipulation? If so, share your tips or links in the comments below, I would love to read them!!

Remember to join the mailing list in the Google Form if you don't want to miss out on future posts!

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!!

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


  1. This challenge sounds amazing, scary, and exciting all wrapped into one. Thank-you for all you do and share.


  2. This sounds amazing! I have done a little manipulation - pinwheels, gathering, faux cathedral windows, to name a few. I looked at her site and found many I have not seen before.

  3. Oh wow!! This will be so much fun!! I agree with sounds amazing but yet scary!!
    Thank you so much Alida

  4. This sounds really interesting and fun, I can't wait!

  5. Hi Alida,
    I have to agree completely with Paulette above - it does sound amazing, scary and exciting all at the same time! LOL I look forward to learning some new techniques in these textured blocks. WOW. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I'm so excited. I have textured blocks on my list of things to try. I'm really excited by all the different techniques used in this QAL. Can't wait!

  7. Hi Alida, I've finally taken the time to read about your next quilt along. It sounds great. I am very intrigued.

  8. My first thought, quilt is too big. But when you talked about the techniques, I must try this.

  9. I'm excited to try these techniques I've never done. This wind up being an amazing quilt!!! Thank you for sharing all your inspirations.

  10. This texturing sounds and looks amazing! Not the same old block of the month! Really looking forward to this.

  11. Can't wait to get started. Sounds like a really great learning experience. Thanks.


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