Growing up QAL (2017): Fabric ideas

Find some fabric you love... or some that you don't mind using to test blocks! :)

There is NO complete supply list for this project.

This QAL has blocks with all kind of techniques, and you may use the leftover from a FQ used in one block as a patch in another block.
Plus each month we will have optional blocks, so I cannot really make a sensible calculation of the fabric you will need to make your OWN custom quilt.

Go with the flow, use something you have and add to it as you go along!
Use this as the PERFECT excuse to make few extra trips to your favorite fabric store ;)

As a general guidance I can tell you that:
  1. each block is 12.5'' unfinished. So the amount of fabric needed in a single block is quite limited. You will probably be fine with two FQ and few extra scraps for the extra colors in each block. Remember that the left over from a FQ used in one block can make the scraps you need for another block! :)
  2. each pattern will contain the specific fabric requirement for each block. So if you are really really interested in making a fully super matching quilt (no judgments here :) ), you can make one block a month with fabric that you don't like, test the blocks, accumulate the free patterns, and at the end of the year do the math and have the exact fabric requirements for the quilt you want!
  3. each month I will share different sashing options. Those will include the fabric requirements for that sashing option, so again, you can just wait and see!
Basically, what I would do is to pick a fat quarter bundle of 10 or 20 pieces that you like, pick one yard of "constant" that you can use here and there in each block (to make it all coherent) and you are all set!!
Then once you see the sashing option that you like, go to the fabric store and find your sashing, binding and backing fabric! :)

To help you prepare a color palette for the quilt, I put together a coloring page and a swatches pages that you can use during the QAL as a guide.
Please remember that these are just one option block for each month... the additional secret ones will be revealed as the months go by ;)

Next week we are going to start with the first block of the QAL (on Jan 2nd)!  I am so excited!!!!

Until next week,
Happy Stitching!!
Alida (TweLoQ)

Remember: all the details about the series are collected in the QAL web page.


  1. Thanks for the fabric suggestions and the coloring page. That will be very helpful. I am eager to start!

  2. You've really outdone yourself with all the info and helpful pages. I anticipate learning a lot with you this year!


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