Excuse the mess!!

Dear visitor!

Thanks for stopping by my new website!
I am in the process of moving all the patterns designed by me in this new space.

I have had a personal blog for about 3 years now (tweloquilting.blogspot.com) and I started that with the idea of sharing my few crafty projects and patterns once in a while... well...

Sewing became my obsession and I fell in love both with the making part as well as designing!
I created hundreds of patterns that I share (mostly) for free and between my weekly updates, events, linky and patterns my personal blog became pretty messy!!!

So that's why I decided to split my content over two different websites:
  1. my personal blog (tweloquilting.blogspot.com) will be the place where I share my WIP, finishes, frustrations and successes!
  2. my "patterns" blog (alidatweloqdesigns.blogspot.com) will be the place where I store all my patterns (free and for sale) and the events I host and design (like a great QAL for 2016)
Moving is always a messy time, so things may look a little out of place here for a while!
Sorry about that!!
I haven't settled yet on a layout and structure for this website, so if you see things changing day after day, now you know why!!! :)

The official and stable Grand Opening of the website will coincide to the beginning of the new year and with the kick off of a fun Quilt-ALong!

If you have any question in the meantime, or you cannot find a pattern, please don't hesitate to write a comment below (leaving your email address) or send me an email at tweloq[-at-]gmail[-dot-]com!

I am very excited to offer more patterns and tutorials here in the years to come!!

Happy stitching!!!
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